5 Christmas movies to binge if you need more holiday cheer!

The holiday season may look drastically different this 2020 but one thing remains the same: Christmas still goes on! This means you have to prepare to bust out those cozy blankets, enjoy hot chocolate drinks, and laugh and cry with all heartwarming Christmas movies available within reach on your TV, mobile, and computer devices!

But what Christmas movies are you planning to binge to cheer up in this time of pandemic? In case you’re still undecided, we came up with a quick list of recent and upcoming Christmas movies for you to still feel the joy, romance, and of course, the magic of Christmas!

A heads-up: Read until the end for the non-Christmas-themed movie that deserves a spotlight for this yuletide season!

Holidate (Netflix) – October 28

Holidate may seem like an awkward term, but the idea of two strangers cooking up a plan to be each other’s fake family holiday date is totally not a bad idea! Well, at least for me.

Though it has the traditional rom-com plot, with Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey falling for each other and with all their complicated journey, it surely is a feel-good watch!

We all deserve to earn some butterflies in our tummies before the year ends!

 The Princess Switch: Switched Again (Netflix) – November 19

As if two Vanessa Hudgens is not enough, Netflix comes up with a sequel of the 2018’s Princess Switch with not only two but three Vanessa Hudgens!

This time, the baker-turned-princess from Chicago and Lady Margaret, the heiress to the Montenaro throne (both played by Vanessa Hudgens) pull up another switcheroo which did not end wisely as another look-alike, Fiona (still played by Vanessa) steps into the picture and ruins everything!

I don’t know about you, but I’m still wondering how they do that!

The Midnight Sky (Netflix) – December 23

If you want to watch something different this Christmas, something moving and deeply melancholic, then maybe you’ll find George Clooney’s The Midnight Sky something interesting to look forward to!

This post-apocalyptic tale follows the story of a lonely scientist, technically the last man on Earth after it has been evacuated, who was tasked to man the observatory in the Arctic Circle.

If you’ve been a fan of Gravity and The Day After Tomorrow, then you’d surely love this film!


Soul (Disney+) – December 25

Here goes Disney finally releasing its ace this Christmas!

Soul is another heart-melting and tear-jerking animated film that will once again help us relive our love for music, creativity, and the joys of living which have been mostly forgotten for some with all the struggles needed to be faced in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic!

The movie tells the story of a middle-school band teacher, Joe Gardner who’s voiced by Jamie Foxx. While most excited to play at the best jazz club in town, he takes a misstep and was brought from the streets of New York City to The Great Before. a magical place where new souls get their personalities, quirks, and interests before they head to Earth!

Now, this children/family film better turn the whole world downside up! 

Special Mention: Wonder Woman 1984 (Warner Bros) – December 15

Wonder Woman 1984 may not be a Christmas movie but this is something we have been all waiting for, right? Hence, it deserves a special spot on this list!

After multiple release delays because of the pandemic, the much-anticipated sequel will be open in international theaters beginning December 16. According to Gal Gadot’s revelation via Tiktok, you can also tune in via US theaters and on HBO Max on December 25 to enjoy the movie.

In this sequel, the film highlights the story of the Amazonian superhero living quietly among mortals in the sleek 1980s. For so long, she has kept her profile low and doing superhero acts undercover. However, as much as she wants to keep everything as such, she must muster all her wisdom, strength, and powers to save mankind!

Such a timely film to also honor our real-life heroes battling the pandemic that has taken so many wonders of the Christmas holiday!

Exciting, right? What Christmas movie are you most looking forward to? Despite the crisis, may we still the magic of the holiday season! Let’s continue celebrating this long-held tradition of love and joy! Even the pandemic cannot take that away from us.