What Type of K-Pop Fan Are You?

  1. 1 Choose an app

    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Instagram
    4. TikTok
    5. YouTube
  2. 2 Your favorite artist just released their new music! You

    1. Just appreciate and stream their music
    2. Block all users who speak badly of their music
    3. Make a dance cover of the song!
    4. Always check for its chart rankings and Youtube views!
    5. Tell everyone to stream and listen to their music!
  3. 3 In your group of friends you are the

    1. The one who is close to everyone
    2. The ‘mom’ of the group
    3. The Loudest
    4. Most creative one
    5. The most quiet
  4. 4 You have a friend who you want to introduce to K-Pop. What will you do?

    1. Make an essay on why ‘stanning’ K-Pop groups are great
    2. Tell them how K-Pop changed my life
    3. Ask my friend which type of content they want and carefully curate which songs or music videos I will show them
    4. Sneakily put a K-Pop song in a ‘random’ playlist
    5. Send my friend bunch of good-looking K-pop idols
  5. 5 What do you think of ‘stan accounts’?

    1. They are very useful in keeping me updated on news about my K-Pop favorites
    2. I use it to track haters!
    3. It’s where I get artistic inspirations!
    4. I have a BUNCH of them
    5. I don’t have it or I just rarely use it
  6. 6 Your K-Pop merchandise are?

    1. Rare collectibles!
    2. Customized or fan-made
    3. Just a few items! Mostly are my personal favorites
    4. Autographed items, some are very sentimental to me
    5. Complete! From albums, fan merchandise, lightsticks, and more!
  7. 7 Your entry in the comments section is similar to this

    1. No one: Absolutely No one:
    2. Their song is really good!
    3. Focus on your faves!
    4. STAN *your favorite K-Pop group*!
    5. We’re only a few thousands views away to 1 million! Don’t stop streaming!

What Type of K-Pop Fan Are You?

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  1. Quiz result

    Chill Fan

    You just enjoy your favorites’ content quietly and happily! As a fan, you don’t want any fanwars and you just want to peacefully interact with your K-Pop friends. You’re possibly friends with a lot of fans of different groups or you are a fan of many K-Pop groups. K-Pop isn’t that stressful for you! It gives you comfort and you want it to stay just like that.

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  2. Quiz result

    Hyped Fan

    CAPS LOCK: ON. You always hype your favorites the best way you can! You promote them from your friends, families, and even strangers! You never run out of things to say something amazing to your K-Pop idols! You’ve probably recruited a lot of friends to K-Pop! You always like to sing your heart out to your favorite K-Pop songs and binge-watch all of your favorite K-Pop content!

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  3. Quiz result

    Artist Fan

    Creativity flows in you! You’re one talented and artistic fan where you show your love and support for your K-Pop favorites! You are either good at drawing, singing, dancing, writing, or maybe all of it! You may have an account dedicated to your artworks and stories or even a YouTube or TikTok account where you post your covers! You’re also one of the K-Pop fans who never run out of content! Could it be possible one day your K-Pop idols notice your work? We’ll never know!

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  4. Quiz result

    24/7/365 Fan

    You’re updated 24/7-365! You know anything and everything about K-Pop! What is sleep when you don’t miss any of your favorite K-Pop idols’ content? You’re one of the first listeners/viewers at 12MN KST and you’re one of the first to know about the latest news and gossip in the K-Pop world! You can personally label yourself as a walking search bar if anyone asks you about K-Pop because you never miss out!

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  5. Quiz result

    Protective Fan

    Because you love your K-Pop idols so much, you try to protect them always! You have a radar for the haters and you put them into their own places. You always defend your K-Pop idols whenever an issue comes out. You may seem intimidating but you are really just soft for them and you don’t want your favorites to get hurt. You’re probably eligible to apply as their personal bodyguard or security!

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