Why Attack on Titan is an anime you should never miss!

Our favorite soldiers in their omnidirectional mobility gear are back! Now, on its final season, Attack on Titan, which has started streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix, will close this chapter on humanity’s fight against the Titans.

And everyone is going crazy excited about it! But why? From a newbie’s perspective, there’s nothing much to look forward to on this sadistic and bloody series with hideous giants going around naked and blood-lusting people. So, why is it gaining massive attention from viewers?

Brutality and Ambient Horror

Like most typical action anime series, Attack on Titan requires so much action and killings.

An episode won’t be complete without anybody getting killed in combat or devoured by gigantic man-eating humanoids called Titans.

And people like it, not because they love the killings, but because it portrays an almost real-life scenario where everyone gets equal chances of dying. No matter how wealthy, popular, skilled, or powerful you are.

It’s so brutal in such a way that it introduces and develops new characters who will eventually die as the series go. So emotionally heartbreaking!

Unique Characters

In the very first episode, Attack on Titans introduces us to the young Eren Yeager, the main protagonist of the story, who lost his mother when a Colossal Titan breached Wall Maria and caused havoc in his hometown in Shiganshina District.

While it sticks to the usual shounen storyline where the lead character swears to avenge his beloved by killing all those Titans, what came unexpectedly was when Eren discovered that he has the ability to turn himself into a Titan as well.

How ironic but cool is that? Seeking retribution to those who share the same genetics with you?

Aside from that, we also get to know other interesting characters who journey together with Eren as he fights those formidable opponents.

There’s this innately skilled female protagonist, Mikasa Ackerman, and her ambiguous relationship with Eren. We still couldn’t identify how to consider her: a stepsister, childhood friend, or potential girlfriend?

Then there’s Armin, their childhood friend, who despite being such a weakling, managed to stay at par with the group because of his tactical planning skills. But it’s not his intelligence that made fans love him, it’s his feminine traits.


Aside from them, another crowd favorite is mankind’s proclaimed the strongest soldier, Captain Levi. His strict demeanor sparks so much admiration despite his infamous height and cleanliness obsession!

Story Structure

Attack on Titan is so beautifully-woven that it prompts viewers to go beyond the walls that humanity created in the series.

It portrays real-life struggles and difficult decisions that soldiers and their leaders have to make when faced with troubles.

This incredible anime show highlights how normal individuals remain ungrateful for their sacrifices by only looking at their failures.

It mirrors society’s faction and attempts to do better than the other, instead of pulling each other up.

Beyond the Titans, the story unveils the real antagonist of mankind: their fellow human being.

Attack on Titans remains one of the biggest anime series right now because of how it gives a clear-cut of action, passion, and reality. It goes beyond the stereotypes–and the fanservice that most anime cling on to keep the viewers.

AoT fans stayed because of the brutal story, the aggressive characters, and the itch it leaves in every episode. And with the series coming to an end, we could only hope that there’d be more intense and wilder clashes to this dystopian story.